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Acres on a bench

Its the Spring Equinox here and everywhere across our planet. The light is finally balanced with dark and our preparations for planting are well under way.

We start all of our herbaceous and some of our perennials inside under lights, to get them well ahead of the growing game. We began back in late February germinating seeds on heat mats and now have graduated with HPS, fluorescent,  and metal halide lights. it is a game of long patience and contained excitement this time of year, while we wait for enough warmth and sun to start using our greenhouse. its hard to believe what we have on this lighted bench is enough for acres of plantings

This year we have several new characters in the mix with the old stalwart herbs of years past. Black Cohosh, Dong quai, Bai Zhu, are a few of the new ones. This year we are growing over 50 species of plants by seed and will be propagating many more by root division and cutting. Its is an exciting time of year and we are ready after a very warm winter and lack luster snow fall to get planting outside, but we have a few more weeks regardless. So in that time we will keep pricking our plants into larger cells as they grow new leaf sets and show their true forms.

Look for more on our new nursery offerings and a plant list later this week.

Happy 2016 Equinox!!