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Elderberry has roots!

Well after an intense spring of heat and then cold and then heat again, we have finally made it to June.

This year we took thousands of cuttings of Elderberry(Sambucus canadensis) and after the past few months we now have rooted plants.  We also have thousands of root division plants for sale too.

Elderberry Cutting
Marielle Fisher holding a well rooted Elderberry Cutting in our propagation tent.

This Elderberry is of Vermont Heritage and the two cultivars are named Coomer and Barry Hill. Coomer has an upright habit, while Barry Hill has a spreading one. They were developed by Lewis Hill in Greensboro, VT and have been the backbone of our elderberry harvests for eight years now. These plants raise great big berries that all like to flower and berry at about the same time. This makes harvesting easy, and bountiful and easy to beat the birds for getting them.

Elderberry is very hardy, easy to care for and provides between 8-12k pounds of berries per acre which is an amazing yield making it a choice crop for wines, syrups, jams, and dried berries. It takes about 600-700 plants to fill an acre. We at Eleven Acre Farm, currently sell our berries to distilleries, herbalists, and homesteaders, as well as Wild Branch Foods. which makes a delicious healthy medicinal syrup with it.

We are currently selling Elderberry plants at the farm in Charlotte, VT.  Sale to be announced soon!


Moving Elderberry for Caledonia Spirits Owner!!

This week we moved 200 Elderberry Plants to Greensboro for the owner of Caledonia Spirits, Todd Hardie.

These are the parent plants, Barry Hill and Coomer varieties developed by Lewis Hill, and the roots/cuttings we took for our nursery that we will be offering this spring and in future years.

It was a great journey returning the plants to the same road where Lewis Hill had originally developed many years before.  We are honored to bring these plants to you and to keep the heritage of this great plant and lewis Hill’s work alive and thriving.

Barry Hill and Coomer Elderberry plants before being moved to Greensboro. the parent plants of our nursery.
B&B Elderberry
Tying up the plants for transport with Andrew Wolf.
Mack Erickson strapping down the elderberry for transport.