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Ground Nuts – Apios americana

Ground nuts, also called Hopniss( from Lenai Lenape), and the binomial name -Apios americana are a tasty tuber that grow along the edge of creeks and rivers throughout the United States. It grows as an analog with Sunchoke (Helianthos tuberosum) and is a vining plant trailing up the stem of the perennial sunflower friend.

Groundnut tubers being weighed for sale.

Ground nuts were used extensively by Native Americans as a food source in spring and fall, though they can be harvested and eaten any time of year. Hopniss also is in the bean family and makes an edible bean which can be cooked adding one more reaons to consider this great plant in your garden.

The flavor of Hopniss is drier and sweeter than potato =, kind of beany in some ways, and usually takes about 30 or so minutes to cook when boiling. You can eat the skins as well for their nourishment, but larger older tubers tend to need peeling to get way the dirt recesses and to give an even flavor.

Hopniss can also be dried into a flour for making breads and thickening soups and such.

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