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Elderberry Cuttings and Plants

Elderberry rooted ¬†and unrooted cuttings for sale –

Elderberry Cuttings
Elderberry Cuttings from Coomer and Barry Hill

( 3 varieties- Coomer, Barry Hill, Lamoille)

Available in large quantities(100-1,000) between May 24th and June 10th.

Unrooted dormant cuttings – $2.00 each – Available March 22nd

Plug size rooted cuttings in 5″ deep cells- $5 cutting (available Late May- early June)

Root zone division cuttings – in 6″ pots – $10

Rooted cuttings in 6″ pots( available July 10th) – $12

25% off for orders over $200.

Preorder now with 30% deposit to ensure availability.

Pick up in Charlotte, VT