Botanical Availability

Eleven Acre Farm offers fresh and dried Botanicals from the forest and the farm.

Our Botanicals are harvested at the right times of day, month, growing cycle and year to ensure the highest quality yields in constituents are preserved throughout their delivery to you.

We are growers and wildcrafters with 20 plus years of experience harvesting mushrooms, herbs, roots, flowers, and much more.  We harvest throughout the most pristine and abundant locations throughout the northeast united states and beyond.

Our farmed botanicals are grown with USDA certified organic practices and ecological health in mind. We go Beyond Organic to bring you some of the best products and raw ingredients around.

If you dont see something on our availability let us know we might be able to find it for you.

Binomial name Common Description Wild/


Plant Parts
Adiantum pedatum Maidenhair Fern Wild Fresh Whole Plant
Wild Dried Plant
Alchemilla mollis Lady’s Mantle NG Fresh Aerial Parts
Allium tricoccum Wild Leek Wild Fresh Whole Plant
Wild Dried Leaf
Angelica archangelica Angelica Wild, NG  Fresh Root
Wild Fresh Stem
Apios americana Ground nut NG Fresh Tuber
NG Dried Bean
Aralia nudicaulis Wild Sarsparilla Wild Fresh Root
Wild Dried Root
Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi Bearberry Wild  
Arisaema triphyllum Jack in the pulpit Wild Berry, Flower, Root
Asarum canadense Wild Ginger NG Fresh Root
Calendula officinalis “Ereferter Orange Farbige” NG Dried Blossoms
“                                 ” “                                             “ NG Fresh Blossoms
Caulophyllum thalictroides Blue Cohosh NG Fresh Root
Cornus Canadensis Bunchberry Wild Berry Leaf
Wild Fresh Leaf
Crataegus spp Hawthorn Wild Fresh Apple/Berry
Euphrasia officinalis Eyebright Wild Fresh Aerial Parts
Equisetum arvense Horsetail Wild Dried Whole Plant
Eupatorium perfoliatum Boneset Wild Aerial Parts
Helianthos tuberosum Sunchoke NG Fresh Tuber
Hericium erinaceous Lions Mane OG Fresh Mushroom
OG Dried Mushroom
Hylotelephium telephium Orpine sedum NG Fresh Succulent leaf
Inonotus obliquus Chaga Wild Dried Sclerotium/Conk
Inula helenium Elecampane Wild Root, Flower
Ganoderma applanatum Artists Conk Wild Mushroom
Ganoderma tsugae Hemlock reishi Wild Mushroom
Gaultheria procumbens Wintergreen Wild Fresh Leaf
Geranium robertianium Herb Robert Wild Fresh Whole plant
Grifola frondoles Maitake – Hen of the Woods Wild Mushroom
Juglans nigra Black Walnut Wild Fresh Hulls
Juniperus communis Juniper bush Wild Green Berries
Juniperus virginiana Red Cedar Wild Wood
Lythrum salicaria Purple Loosestrife Wild Whole Plant, Aerial
Mitchella repens Partridgeberry Wild Fresh Whole Plant
Monotropa uniflora Ghost Pipe Wild Fresh Whole Plant
Ocimum sanctum Tulsi NG Fresh Leaf
NG Dried Leaf
Pinus strobus White Pine Wild Pollen
Polygonatum biflorum Solomon’s Seal Wild;


Corm, whole plant
Rhodiola rosea Roseroot   Fresh Root
  Dried Root
Ribes spp. Black Currant Wild Fresh Berry
Rubus spp. Blackberry root Wild Fresh Root
  Dried Root
Rubus spp. Red Raspberry NG Leaf
Sagittaria lattifloia Wapato Wild Tuber
Sambucus canadensis Elderberry Wild/NG Fresh Berry, Flower umbel
Wild/NG Fresh Flower
Sassafras albidum Sassafras Wild Fresh Root B
Tilia americana American Basswood Wild Fresh Blossoms
Wild Dried Blossoms
Thuja occidentalis Northern White Cedar NG Needles
Trametes versicolor Turkey Tail NG Dried Mushroom
  Fresh Mushroom
OG Mycelium
Tussilago farfara Coltsfoot NG Fresh Leaf, Flowers
NG Fresh Flowers
Urtica dioica Stinging Nettle NG Dried Leaves
Vaccinium spp. Blueberry NG Fresh Leaf
Valeriana officinalis Valerian NG Dried Root
NG Fresh Root
Verbascum thapsus Mullein NG Dried Leaf
NG Dried Root
Verbena Hastata Blue Vervain Wild Fresh Aerial Parts

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