Just coming out of a cold snap on valentines day weekend, we now have a warm up occurring and we are getting our taps in at Eleven Acre Farm. The weather in the Champlain valley of vermont  this year has been hallmarked by the up and down frenzy of El Nino vs Jet Stream vs climate change extremes. This week has been no different.

After a cold scuttle up to the border, in Newport, VT and then a rain and icy trip to Concord NH  by my compatriot Kirk Jones, we now have 150+ in good condition stamped aluminum buckets, taps, and lids which will be the main stay of our Sap collection system for 2016. All new taps and some necessary lids to keep debris out and we are all set to go.

Our main crop this year will be Maple Sap and Maple Sap tea, for market at coops, general stores, and farmers markets around the northeast United States. We will also be making Maple syrup and other good Wild Branch Foods mushrooms extracts and herbal infusions.

Tomorrow the temps will go into the 40’s and rain will happen and likely we will see a run. We will be ready.  And so the sap shall flow.

Here’s to year round Quality Maple sap to keep us healthy. And a long season to boot.