Elderberry Season 2014 Has Begun!

Its late August and that means it is high harvest season at Eleven Acre Farm. This week the Elderberry started ripening and that means everything will be a bit purple for the next month or so.

Our Elderberries are naturally grown without any pesticides and herbicides in pristine VT ecosystems. We love elderberries and this year we are making three new products with Elderberry to be released in the fall on a limited basis.

We sell most of our berries to Wild Branch Foods, and the rest goes to herbalists, wine makers, distillers, and homesteaders like you.

Elderberry Pricing – 8/21/14

Fresh Berries (on umbel) – $6/# – 5# minimum or $4.50# for orders over 50#

Fresh Nutraceutical Grade Berries ( on umbel) – $10/#

Frozen Berries (on umbel) – $6/# – 10- 15 # bags

Frozen Berries (cleaned) – $8/# – 5# minimum or $7# for orders over 50#

Frozen Pasteurized Elderberry Juice – $175 for 30# bucket/ or $60/gallon

Dried elderberries – $25#

Free shipping on orders over $1,000Pasteurized Juice – $175 for 30# pail.
Taking orders now – 8/ 21/14

Order now with 50% deposit and receive first picks.

We take Credit Cards and Cash only


Elderberry, Elder, sambucus canadensis
Elderberry ripening on the bush – 2014