About Our Nursery

Here at Eleven Acre Farm we grow and raise over 125 different species of plants, trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, mushrooms, and ground covers. We offer plug seedlings, and 4″ and up potted plants of many of the types of plants that we are growing and propagating for their produce.

We raise hardy cultivars and seedling varieties that are known for their human health and ecosystem benefits of the bearing parts be it root, seed, tuber, berry, nut, herb, mushroom or fruit.

We also offer custom propagation of certain plants for farmers, growers, homesteaders, and gardeners.

Eleven Acre Farm Agroforestry Nursery was developed by Chris Chaisson who has been growing and propagating for over 21 years in the nursery field, the nursery also builds off of his 15 year background in Permaculture Design and Farming.

Solomon's Seal Corms being divided




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